Fall Fun

We had such a fun day picking pumpkins and apples.  We drove up in the mountains for the apples and back down for the pumpkins.  I love that about California.  In 30 minutes we are high up in the mountains, chilled, picking apples.  Then we drive down in the desert, HOT, picking pumpkins.   LOVE THAT!!

Picking the PERFECT pumpkin
Picking that yummy apple!
Found one!
Apple Samples

3 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. We went and picked pumpkins and it wasn’t too cold! Gotta love MN! I am going to continue to lie about the weather for the next 7 months or so because I want you to move back!!

  2. We picked our pumpkins at the grocery store. The weather was very comfortable. Today however, we are in the middle of a blizzard and got out of school early. Whoopie!!!! I love the one with Brock sitting on his. Did you take a shot of how you guys carved them?

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