$The Smart Cookie$

The Smart Cookie's Wheels!

My kids LOVE the ice cream truck.  What kid wouldn’t, right?  When we first moved here from MN, the ice cream truck was a great novelty.  Very exciting and made everyone happy.  NOW, it is killing me.  My kids can hear it miles away.  Which leads to much jumping  and shouting!!!    I have no problems saying “no” to my kids but I have the hardest time saying “no” to the ice cream truck lady a.k.a. The Smart Cookie.  She has the nicest, friendliest smile.  She even buys lemonade from the kids if they are selling. 

So here is what happens when The Smart Cookie drives by.  The kids are jumping excitedly waving their hands, I shake my head “no”, the kids slump their shoulders and complain.  THAT doesn’t bother me.  HERE is what bothers me.  The Smart Cookie drives by super slow, gives me a big kind smile – very much like a grandmother would, and then I shake my head “no” and BOOM – her smile turns into a sad-looking smile.  AND just like that, I am saying “Oh, what the heck” – AGAIN.


7 thoughts on “$The Smart Cookie$

  1. lol.. you softy! lol I’m past the “mom” .. “no” phase of life.. I’m waiting for the “Grandma” phase of life… if will be YES, YES, YES.. ALL THE TIME! lol

  2. We have not reached that stage yet. I am still at the “Please don’t flip your plate over” stage (just saying that as I was about to type this) But I am sure we have it coming still. The driver is a ‘smart cookie’ because she has marketing down for an ice cream truck. Don’t convince the kids, convince Mom and Dad. (I would be a softy too!) Off to clean up the peas that are getting all squished into the high chairs tray!

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