LOVED the hat!

My kids have been a HUGE help in creating Find Me Book.  They have helped me right from the beginning.  They are my best and most honest critics.   They have said many times  “Mom, that picture is boring…or lame… or… not fun… or (my personal favorite) OLD. ”  Don’t worry people, I have very thick skin.  I really do listen to what they say since they have the YOUNG eyes!  

Another way they have helped is by dressing up.   I have had them dress up in many different costumes for my scenes in the book.  Here are a couple that totally crack me up and thought I would share with you all! 

HA! Does the glasses/nose/mustache costume ever get old??
My FAVORITE mask! Just cracks me up (:

6 thoughts on “MY HELPERS

  1. Too funny! Ty has the perfect expression going to be Frank. We are having our Halloween Party on the 19th. Anyone with great and EASY ideas for games? There will be between 20 and 30 girls.

    1. The toilet paper mummy wrap game is always a favorite. How about detective and criminal- when they shake hands and the criminal always gives a scratch. Another one they love is “who is missing from the group”

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