LOVE the library

The latest library pile!

I really do think I have a bit of a problem when it comes to the library.  I always go there with the intent of picking out a couple of  books for the kids.  Before I know it, I have at least 20.  It’s like I get super greedy.  Before I checkout, I will even go through each book to see which ones I can put back–that result is usually ZIPPO.  

I also pay the price for my library book greed.  More often than not, I am hit with overdue charges.  A nickel/day doesn’t sound like much until you multiply that by 30.  AND each time I am hit by overdue fines, I think “that is never going to happen again.” Even with the (frequent) overdue charges, the library is such a cool and fun place to go.   The best part is when we get home and the kids grab up all their books and start reading.   I LOVE the library!


2 thoughts on “LOVE the library

  1. I can relate. The only difference is that I only know where half of my books are! I am currently looking for Spongebob and the Great Escape. Here’s a tip for the other disorganized people out there. If and when you do lose a book, you can buy a replacement on ebay for a couple books versus paying the replacement charge the library bills. I am a pro at this!

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