Grandparent’s Day

Grandpa and Grandma A
Grandpa and Grandma B

Today I have been thinking a lot about my grandparents.  Both of my grandpas died when I was pretty young.  I remember my Grandpa A reading to me in his chair and his big laugh.  I remember playing a card game with my Grandpa B called “garbage.”  Most of what I know about Grandpa A and B is what has been told to me. 

My grandmas are another story which I am so thankful for.  I remember them in great detail and spent lots of time with each one.  Both of their names were Mildred and they were Lutheran.  That is about all they had in common!!  

 My Grandma A lived in the country.  She loved to garden, sew, and bake.  You could not have picked a better description of a “perfect” grandma.  She even had gray/white hair and had glasses – very cute.  Whenever I am planting something or even pulling weeds, I think of Grandma and wish I would have asked her more questions about EVERYTHING.   She was very smart and would throw a funny zinger in just when you least expected it!  One of my favorite things in the world is my Grandma’s blanket.  I even took it with me to the hospital for each one of my children’s births (>:

My Grandma B lived in the city.  She  loved to party!  She smoked, drank Manhattans, and played Bridge.  She stayed up and slept in late.  She was very social.  She dyed her hair black and always had pretty clothes on AND her jewelry box was so fun to dig through!   Grandma B loved her grandkids so much.  I loved visiting her.  She would tell funny stories in her red chair and sometimes the Statler Brothers would be on the tv.  I always thought my Grandma B was “cool.”  I always felt I could tell her anything. 

Such different grandparents but I can honestly say I loved them both equally the same.  I just feel so lucky to have had them in my life!


5 thoughts on “Grandparent’s Day

  1. Kinz, do you remember bringing Grandma B. to the casino? That was a riot!! I am so glad that we did stuff like that. I also remember when we went there how she always had those little magazines that you could order from, they were like Avon or something. I loved looking at those.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Kinzie…Isn’t it kind of funny, how we do have so many similarity’s to our own Mom…If you really think about it, your Mom is so similar to her Mom too,(your Grandma)…xo Andra 🙂

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