The Emmys


My husband and I got tickets to go to the Emmys.  Super exciting but a little intimidating since I wear shorts, tshirt, and usually a baseball hat.  I knew I had to work on myself before we took off for the show.  A friend let me borrow a David Meister dress (loved it).  Then I went and got my nails done.  Twenty minutes later I was sitting back in the chair with smudged toe nails.  Then I really pampered myself and got my makeup done by a friend who owns Surface Beauty  She is awesome AND comes to your house!!! 

 I was so pumped to see Jon Hamm (aka-  my boyfriend),  cast of Modern Family and The Office.  We got to walk the Red Carpet and then we watched all the stars walk the carpet.  One of the most beautiful women that I saw was Glenn Close – absolutely stunning.  I even found it interesting that all the celebrities were given Vitamin Water right before they entered the building.  

One really crazy thing that happened was 5 minutes before the program started (everyone was seated – all doors closed).  Up on the big HUGE screens came on Billy Bush from Extra.  He and another woman were talking about dress hits/misses.  AND they totally dissed Anna Paquin and January Jones.  Can you imagine if you were one of those  BEAUTIFUL women, sitting in the audience, with all your colleagues and then these two people are yapping about “What an ugly dress, what were they thinking…”.  CRAZY.  

One funny thing about the night was driving up to the Nokia Theater.  We had a valet pass so we pull up in line, surrounded by limos and fancy cars, with our Ford Fusion! 

Here are a couple more pics of my big night! 


6 thoughts on “The Emmys

  1. OMG! Kinzie, you look amazing!!!!,…with no make-up, and hair not done…I think you look like a movie star :)…I knew you were always so special,…ever since I met you in twitterland…xo Andra

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