Happy Grandparents Day September 12, 2010

Grandparents Day was first declared by Jimmy Carter as a national holiday in 1978. It is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day. Grandparents Day this year is on September 12. Celebrate and reflect the impact that our Grandparents have on our lives.

Honor Grandma and Grandpa with memories of a FindMeBook that they can share with their grandchildren. There are different ways to say Grandma and Grandpa, but in our book it translates LOVE!

Grandmother in other languages:

  • Chinese: NaiNai
  • Filipino: Lola
  • Flemish: Bomma
  • French: Grandmere
  • French Canadian: Meme
  • German: Oma
  • Greek: YaYa
  • Hawaiian: Tutu
  • Hebrew: Savta
  • Italian: Nonna
  • Japanese: Oba-chan
  • Korean: Halmoni
  • Polish: Busia
  • Portuguese: VoVo
  • Russian: Babushka
  • Spanish: Abuela
  • Yiddish: Bube

Grandfather in other languages:

  • Chinese: YehYeh
  • Filipino: Lolo
  • Flemish: Bompa
  • French: Grandpere
  • French Canadian: Pepe
  • German: Opa
  • Greek: Papu
  • Hawaiian: Tutu kane
  • Hebrew: Saba
  • Italian: Nonno
  • Japanese: Ojiisan
  • Korean: Halabeoji
  • Polish: Dzia Dzia
  • Portuguese: Avo
  • Russian: Dedushka
  • Spanish: Abuelo
  • Yiddish: Zayde

* Source: About


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