When I was on the plane – the very back of the plane I might add. I saw a mom with a baby struggling to carry her bag on the plane. No one was helping her as she kept going down the aisle. Then another mom with 3 kids and bags, stopped and grabbed the struggling mom’s bag, and helped her to her seat. I loved seeing that and it made me proud to be a mom. We “moms” stick together.

Moms are more likely to give words of encouragement when things are going downhill quickly.

Moms always have an extra Kleenex or band-aid.

Moms always help each other open doors when you are pushing a stroller.

Moms never give irritated looks when your child is fussing on a plane – instead they will give you a look like “ugh, I wish I could help – you poor, poor, woman!

I love being in the CLUB MOM!

When we moved from Minnesota to California and I had to drive with my 4 kids another member of CLUB MOM stepped up. My Mom. Not only did we survived, we had a blast and loved the time together!


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