My two sisters and their combined 6 kids came to visit for the last 25 days. I love my sisters. We fought like crazy growing up (mostly about clothes and hair products) but now we are best friends. Both of them are in MN so when they come to visit, it is so great. We get to know each others children and have lots of laughs!

My sisters got to see a lot of my children’s school activities while they were here. That meant so much to my kids because usually it is just mom and dad at their functions. It is amazing how proud they were when introducing their cousins from MN to their teachers.
We definitely kept busy when they were here. Here is a list of some of the things we did: Legoland-2 times, California Adventure – 2 times, Disney , Medievil Times, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Orange Balloon Ride (which is absolutely free), Karate Kid Premiere, and many times to the pool and hiking in the canyons.

Even with all these fun activities, the kids probably enjoyed just playing at home and outside the best. I really need to remember that next time. I get so caught up in showing family the wonderful things we have in CA, that I need to remember the simple things are sometimes the best. They LOVED having a lemonade stand and with that money, they got to purchase from the ice cream truck! They LOVED climbing over our backyard wall to play and climb in the trees. They loved making plays and having us watch (some were quite loooooonnnnngggg).

Next year I am going to keep it simple and maybe hit a few of the main attractions. Right now, I am going to bed!


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